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Statement of Assumption of Exclusive Liability
Accepting this licence of use the signee states that:
- he/she is fully aware that INCORRECT programming and USE of the JETPRIME electronic control unit may cause irreversible damage to the original electronic control unit, to the motor vehicle as well as to persons and/or property and that he/she has received adequate, thorough, prior information of the above-mentioned risks from JETPRIME s.r.l.;
- as a consequence he/she expressly exonerates JETPRIME s.r.l. from all liability and indemnifies and holds harmless JETPRIME s.r.l. from all demands for damage compensation by the client or by third parties.
In accordance with and for the purposes of law 196/2003 (Privacy Law) and subsequent amendments I authorise the processing of my personal data within the limits and for the aims pursued by this document.
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The products of Jetprime S.r.l. are dedicated exclusively for sports use.

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