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BMW R1100S Boxer Cup

Front and rear Ohlins shock absorbers.
Ohlins steering damper.
The following work was carried out on the thermal parts of the engine:
The bike's cylinders were replaced with 2 new ones taken from a 1150 bike and were adapted to fit the 1100 engine whilst during the tests we did a deep flushing of the pipes and optimized the combustion chamber.
Pistons with a higher compression rate were fitted which are lighter than the OEM units and were developed to our design.
Use of a Racing head gasket.
Adjustments were made to the valve fittings.
The throttle body was extended to 47mm.
The cam sprockets were modified to increase the torque at low revs.
Changes were made to the timing.
A K&N air filter was fitted.
Modifications were made to the air box frame.
Use of a Jetprime programmable power module with test bench mapping.
Crimping of the throttle bodies and intake manifolds.
A new clutch disc with a reinforced spring was fitted.
A Laser exhaust without catalytic converter was fitted.

As can be clearly seen from the test bench results, the difference in performance is very noticeable.

The thing which excited us the most is how we have gone from 9.5 kg-m to 11.5 kg-m at only 2500 rpm which then increased to the crazy value of 13 kg-m at 5900 rpm.
For this bike we staked everything on the violence and progression out of the corners making sure not to overwhelm the nature of this engine with the usual changes which only give more power at the top end even though this would have been even easier to do.
Now this Boxer Cup bike owned by our friend Fabio is a real bomb which is ready to explode each time he puts his foot down on the gas.
The progression it now has following the modifications to the 6th gear is amazing as you can open the throttle at any speed and in any gear without any hesitation and it revs flawlessly.
The lighter pistons gave this bike and all other BMW boxers we have prepared and continue to prepare, a climb rate speed which is completely different to all factory BMW bikes.
With the new changes to the chassis and the engine, this bike became a deadly weapon on the curves of the Apennine mountain range and looks just as good at the Misano race track giving a hard time to all of the superbikes.

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