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Ducati 1098DM

A monster derived from one of the vintage Borgo Panigale bikes.
The Ducati 1098 DM (DM Meccanica) contains many of the parts and special products made by Jetprime and much more.

The output developed from this bike was really very satisfying as we achieved 170bhp.
We are very proud of this result as everything fitted to this bike was either designed and developed by us or to our specifications.
The objective of this project was to get as much power out of the bike using the smallest budget possible.

In the below test bench result chart you can see the results of the various tests:
The green line represents a completely original 1098.
The blue line is the same bike which has been fitted with our programmable velocity stacks using the original air filter box.
As you can see the difference in power can be noted throughout the complete test arch but the most notable thing is that the original road bike at 9500rpm already begins to fall significantly which is a normal for this type of engine. In comparison and with the velocity stacks fitted to the bike, it can be seen that even with a limiter set at 11200rpm, the engine retains the performance until the very end with only a very small decrease.
We chose to carry out this test on a completely original bike to show how our accessories perform in the worst possible situation.
As all original bikes are very restricted to comply with homologation rules, the result of this test is even more exciting as it shows how the engine performs using the factory fitted exhaust system which for a bi-cylindrical system of large dimension is quite complicated.
The red line shows the test which was made using this bike on a race track.

On this bike was fitted our programmable velocity stacks which were placed inside our carbon fibre air box with an enlarged capacity of 41% in comparison to the OEM air box.
The enlarged air box can be fitted to all of the standard factory bikes (the coolant overflow reservoir needs to be repositioned).
To give you an idea of the dimensions we are talking about, on an original factory bike the throttle body is fitted externally whilst with our air box both the throttle body and the programmable velocity stacks can be placed inside of the air box using the original injectors which are fitted externally in the same way as with the OEM air box.
The exhaust system fitted on this bike was also a product we had developed by Tedak Racing using 0.8mm inox and as you can see from the photos it is restricted in the area where the 2 pipes are connected together. We also used 2 Termignoni silencers in this test however we will soon have our own silencers with dedicated DB killers.
The other feature which had a tremendous success was changing the oil cooler for a heat exchanger which had a coil inside of it to allow the oil to be cooled naturally using the water from the radiator.
This allowed us to lower the oil temperature so much that the final version was reduced in size and reduced the engine temperature far lower than on an original bike. As a result of this everything remained cooler including the crankcase giving us the advantage of being able to use different tolerances during the preparation phase.

On the bike we fitted 2 standard weight high compression pistons which were used to avoid having to open the engine to balance the crankshaft. We then prepared the cylinders heads taking care of also the air ducts and the combustion chamber.
We have kept until last our prize jewel of the "programmable height adjustable velocity stacks".
These were born from the need to get the best possible results from the engine and were designed and developed completely by us.
The velocity stacks including the fitting structure are completely made from 7075 aluminium with a 40 micron hard oxidise finish to ensure the best possible movement between the parts.
The velocity stacks are moved by 2 step motors which are both independent and are programmed by PC using a tailor-made software program (this is an optional extra). The software allows the position of each individual velocity stack to be set at every 250rpm with the possibility to make 2-3 different maps based on the percentage of the opening of the throttle. This puts into the hands of the person setting up the bike, an instrument which allows the management of the engine based on the race track where it will be used.
The diversity of the programming of the 2 cylinders is a must as it is well known that they do not work perfectly in the same way.
As a final clarification, there is no sense making these changes and using these types of performance products if a dedicated mapping is also not used which has been prepared by a person who is highly experienced with these types of engines.
For anyone in need of this mapping service, it can be provided by us however it is prepared by an external person who is very well known in this field.
For the clutch on this bike we took the safe option of choosing a classic STM "evoluzione" clutch.

The fairing on this bike is in carbon fibre and was supplied by Extreme-Components which we decided to leave "naked" without any additional finishing as it has both excellent aesthetic and technical qualities.
Extreme-Components also supplied the brake and clutch master cylinders which are both radial units using the wonderful EVO2 levers with red coloured lever blade tips to match the colour of the frame of the bike and which can be lengthened and shortened by 16mm.
The brake master cylinder is a 19 x 18mm unit which is very effective in a short run and at the same time is very smooth and aggressive as it allows you to go around a curve using the brake without worrying about any strange things happening.
The clutch master cylinder on the other hand is a 13 x 18mm which also does it's job very well as it allows you to have a sensitivity and sweetens the strength of the diaphragm spring in the STM slipper clutch holding at bay the bike's horse power which equally needs to be strong enough.
Finally to complete the work we used 2 Brembo 6mm Racing discs with dedicated brake pads to ensure a thrilling ride.

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