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Special Triumph T301

After following the work for several months and criticizing it several times, I have the pleasure to finally see the finished special custom work based on a Triumph Speed Triple T301 owned by Daniele Vezzani (owner of Italian Factory Bike). Before continuing with the details, I need to point out that Daniele apart from his passion for 2 wheels has also recently embraced another one...flying and that this bike is his way to combine the 2 passions together with a design which was inspired by the PC6 aircraft.

Italian Factory Bike presents a new Special Cafe Racer with an English heart and an Italian artistic soul. Hailing straight from the land of engines, this young company located in Correggio opened it's doors in 2012 dedicating this bike in memory of the historic "Cafe Racer" movement from the 1950s which is still very much in fashion today.

Triumph Speed Triple T301 - PC6 is the name which Italian Factory Bike chose for this creation; a union and fusion of elements and physics which a bike can have with a plane.
Triumph Speed Triple T301, 3 cylinders with a capacity of 98bhp, Pilatus Turbo Porter PC6, Turbo Elica with 900bhp.
There is only one thing which a bike and plane have in common and that is speed!
An increase in speed on a motorcycle leads to an increase of the gyroscopic effect of the wheels and it's stability. An increase in speed of a plane leads to an increase in the lift on the wings which allows it to fly.
The starting point for this project was a 1995 Triumph Speed Triple T301 of which only the 885cc engine was maintained.
The hardest job was at the rear of the bike where the exhaust is housed in a curious position.
The bike comes with a central mono-shock swingarm which was removed including it's leverage and supports. This allowed for the fitting of the exhaust pipe to come out in the seat cowl.
The rear frame was completely rebuilt and this allowed for the fitting of 2 modern classic style lateral mono shock absorbers which this bike needs.
The tail of the bike was derived from the Thruxton Cup where a short silencer in titanium and carbon fibre is housed. The use of these materials was very important to avoid excessive heating.
The front end of the bike is from a Triumph Speed Triple 1050 which was made using the steering base to allow this type of fitting. It is not typical for this type of bike but we deliberately wanted this to get a massive and powerful front end. We also fitted a set of inverted forks, radial brake calipers and wave brake discs to give the bike a racing element which suits it very well.
The original 3 spoke alloy wheels of the bike have also been replaced with a set from a Ducati Paul Smart. We could have omitted many things but not the wheels.
The underneath of the fuel tank was retouched with soldered steel. Replacing all of the parts around it did not give a pleasant view making it look like it is "supported by chance".
When you get on this bike you will notice the half handlebars, the use of minimalist instrumentation, a hydraulic clutch and a rear brake master cylinder fitted on the handlebars. This makes it impossible for a bike such as this one which is so heavily loaded in the front to stay in the cafe racer style.
The graphic design of the bike incorporates the colours of the splendid Pilatus Turbo Porter PC6, a plane which is based at the Body Fly University in Reggio Emilia. The plane allows the "people of the air" to feel all of it's speed on your body which is also a main element of the the soul of this bike.
Italian Factory Bike would like to thank the following people and companies who have contributed and made this project possible.

In no particular order, Italian Factory Bike would like to thank:

- Tedak Racing
- Jetprime S.r.l.
- FG Gubellini
- Top Gun Fly School
- Body Fly University
- Reggio Emlia Airport
- Cristian Iotti
- Gabriele Mazza
- Correggio Local Council

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