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Carbon Fibre air box for Ducati 848/EVO - 1098/R - 1198/R

Technical details:
Jetprime enlarged air box for the Ducati 848/EVO, 1098/R, 1198/R.
The demand for this air box was born to satisfy our clients who wanted more power from their bikes.

The original factory fitted air box is dramatically under dimensioned in relation to the engine size of the bike.
The capacity of our air box has been calculated by carrying out a standard test which uses 3mm diameter plastic spheres. The original air box can be filled to a volume weight of only 8.5 litres whilst in comparison our air box is able to hold 16.4 litres.
If the same test is repeated using tubes, the original air box is able to hold 10.6 litres whilst our enlarged air box is able to hold 20.2 litres. This is a difference of 91% extra volume.
The end result of this means you will have more power and an excellent throttle rate.

The air box can be fitted on all factory bikes by simply removing and placing the liquid collection reservoir to the right side of the bike.
Everything else remains in the same place without any modification.
To give you a better idea of the actual size of our air box, with the standard factory fitted unit the throttle body is normally fitted outside of the air box whilst with our unit, the throttle body can be placed inside.

The latest evolution for this product is a height adjustable injector holder which can be adjusted as required by the person setting up the bike.
With this injector holder it allows the height to be set in the standard position or up to 10mm away from the throttle body. The need for this arose from various tests where a better engine management was required allowing for also the use of various heights of velocity stacks (also available from us) or better still, the use or our programmable height adjustable velocity stacks.

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