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Rear hub MV Agusta

Technical details:
Our Hub was designed and Produced out of the need for a Much stronger more rigid while offering flex, better designed and finished than the OEM and other aftermarket Rear Hubs. Our engineers worked with structure of the metal to keep weight down as much as physically possible without weakening the construction of the Hub Itself so it retains its integrity.
We have Used AVIONAL Alloy instead of 7025 Ergal due to the fact that AVIONAL has almost the same tenacity of 7075 but it offers more flex in the metal itself where as 7025 has possibility of cracking under different conditions and Loads and is not the best solution for construction of a rear Hub.

Torque pressures of our hub are also significantly increased from the OEM version due to the construction and metal therefore any over-tightening of the pinch bolts excess of 40 nm will not damage the outer races of the internal bearings used. CNC machining AVIONAL is also used in the construction of supercars components such as the PAGANI and the quality speaks for itself.

Our Hub comes complete with 1 Roller Bearing on Sprocket side with Dual Ball bearing setup on the Wheel side which has been known to work perfectly in our Upgraded hubs. We also have included Racing High Temp low friction Bearing Grease as a part of the Kit so no additional parts are needed to install this hub its a Direct replacement. Service and Maintenance intervals are retained same as the Original schedule to keep the hub running at its optimum.
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