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Superlight clutch for Tmax 500 e 530

Technical details:
Jetprime super light clutch unit for Yamaha TMax 500 and 530: high performance and easy to fit!
The Jetprime super light clutch which apart from being a lot lighter in weight, has an attack and thrust system which is completely different to the OEM factory fitted unit. By using a system of hammers and weights, the Jetprime clutch is able to exploit the centrifugal force by pressing the clutch discs giving a more linear traction to the wheel.
From the moment of attack, the centrifugal force continues to increase until you release the throttle giving you a less resistant engine with faster handling into corners. Even with the use of OEM fitted engine, the acceleration of the Tmax becomes substantially increased.

The most interesting feature of the Jetprime super light clutch is the weight which is just over 1.1kg lighter than the OEM fitted unit using the OEM fitted discs. The installation is very simple and is easily done by removing the original clutch unit, reversing the central hub and inserting the Jetprime super light clutch.
In the video shown on this page (and also on our Facebook page), it is possible to see a product presentation and an installation guide (only in Italian).
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