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Velocity stacks for Tmax 500 and 530

Technical details:
These velocity stacks we have developed for the Tmax are necessary to improve the air intake during the phases of opening the throttle control.
Due to the particular shape, this allows a reduction in air turbulence during the suction phase, improves the air intake from inside the air box, facilitates the intake and reduces the response time of the engine especially when you have a violent opening of the throttle.
The shape and length of the velocity stack has been studied by our design department to reconcile the engine at different engine speeds, to increase the suction strength and to improve the coverage at low engine speeds.

The velocity stack is mounted inside the air box and is connected to the intake manifold directly on the throttle body.
The stacks have been developed for specific uses: a BLUE series for the throttle body of the Tmax 500, a BLACK series for the throttle body of the Tmax 530 and a GOLD series which is designed to be mounted on our enlarged 36, 38 and 40mm throttle bodies.

The test bench results show an increase between 2-3 bhp in comparison to the OEM fitted unit. As with any changes made to the engine, this also requires the correct setup of the injection to obtain the best possibile results from this modification.
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